• OV-NWA Chapter

  • There are 3 Divisions within our Chapter: 6 counties in PA, 6 counties in OH and 6 counties in WV.  Each has their own Division meeting (see individual Divisions) which will be as follows:

    10:15 Member Sign In
    10:30 – 10:45 Minutes from Previous Meeting
    10:45 – 11:45 Current Writing Lesson
    11:45 – 12:15 Q & A
    12:15 – 12:30 Hand Outs of Next Lesson/Future Business

    All 3 divisions will come together in the complete OV-NWA chapter meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month (with exceptions) at the Ohio County Library, 52 16th. St., Wheeling WV from 10:30 to 12:30 as follows:

    10:15 Member Sign In
    10:30 – 10:45 Minutes from Previous Meeting
    10:45 – 11:45 Current Guest Speaker
    11:45 – 12:15 Q & A
    12:15 – 12:30 Group Photographs with Speaker/Future Business

    Action-AdventureFantasy/Urban FantasySuspense-Thriller
    *Picture Books 3-8Magical Realm*Conspiracy
    *Early Readers 5-9Murder Mystery*Disaster
    *Mid-Grade 8-12New Adult*Espionage
    *Young Adult 12-17Paranormal*Exploration
    Christian - JuvenilePoetry*Legal
    Christian – AdultRomance (most sub-genres)*Medical
    Crime & DetectiveScience Fiction*Nautical
    DramaShort Story/all same genres*Political
    Fairy Tales*Space Travel
    ArticlesAudio/Video Episodes
  • We encourage members to try blended genres; this boosts your story strength.

    CONFERENCES: (to be completed, please check back)

    WORKSHOPS: (to be complete, please check back)


    Please Note:  You can take $5 off membership fees by joining through the OV-NWA!  The benefits greatly outweigh the costs.  Yearly memberships fees are as follows:

    Students in high school or college (any age) are $35.  ($30 if joining through OV-NWA)
    General membership is $65.  ($60 if joining through OV-NWA)
    Professional membership for traditionally published (not self-published) writers and/or authors is $85.  ($80 if joining through OV-NWA)  

    OFFICERS:  (Members can volunteer for the rest of the 2018 year as well)
    Interested members can volunteer for officer positions for a one-year term beginning January, 2019.  Officer positions are described below:

        President (permanent position) Diana Perry
        Vice-President/Photographer Ohio Division – OPEN
        Vice-President/Photographer Pennsylvania Division – OPEN
        Vice-President/Photographer West Virginia Division – OPEN
        Secretary – OPEN
        Treasurer – OPEN
        Public Relations Director – OPEN
        Event Coordinator – OPEN
        Contests Director/PA Division – OPEN
        Contests Director/OH Division- OPEN
        Contests Director/WV Division – OPEN
        Membership Director Ohio Division – OPEN
        Membership Director Pennsylvania – OPEN
        Membership Director West Virginia – OPEN
        Computer Tech – Robert Zigler
        3 Members for Editing/Judging Committees Ohio Division – OPEN
        3 Members for Editing/Judging Committees Pennsylvania Division – OPEN
        3 Members for Editing/Judging Committees West Virginia Division – OPEN

    Members chosen for Editing Committees and Judges are permitted to hold two positions; those on the Editing Committee and as Judge and hold a position as listed above.

    These will be announced one month before and will begin with January.  They will be selected to co-inside with the monthly lesson.  Meetings for the months of August through December, 2018 will have no guest speakers as we are building membership.

    CONTESTS: Please see the individual Divisions for Division contests.  For contests details, please check out our Contests Section; OV-NWA contests are listed for 2018 and throughout the 2019 year.  We list OV-NWA Contests, NWA (Headquarters) Contests and all other outside Contests by reputable Associations, Organizations, Groups, Universities and Magazines.

    OUTSIDE CONTESTS:  Make sure you take advantage of our free editing/critiquing first.

  • AWARDS:  For all OV-NWA contests, awards are as follows:

  • There is no exact number for honorable mentions; this could be zero to 10; it is based on the
    merit of the work.  The award of ‘News’ is that the OV-NWA will contact newspapers in the
    area of the winners and offer a Press Release.  They will also be mentioned on the website.  Keep
    in mind that these are offered to non-members everywhere as well as our own members.

    The OV-NWA will hold three fund-raisers annually; one in each division.  It will be a Rummage and Bake Sale; items for rummage sale will be collected by members, baked goods will be donated by members.  One sale will be in each division at a date determined in the future.  Proceeds apply to costs for Judges, Guest Speakers and Office Costs, etc.

    We will try to have monthly outings for the entire chapter; we will offer discounts and car-pools to local events, theme parks and fun spots within 3 hours maximum driving distance to all.  We will even try to have a chapter picnic; everyone brings a covered dish.

    CHARITIES:  We will vote on charities to support at Chapter Meetings.

    Once you’re ready to pitch an agent, take the opportunity to attend one of the conferences members of the OV-NWA attend.  This is the best way to sit down face to face with agents. We will offer group discounts to tickets, hotels and arrange car-pools.  We can offer the same for some of the Writers’ Workshops; many of these are in other states.  All of this information will be posted on the website.   

    GUEST SPEAKERS, JUDGES AND CONFERENCES as well as other INSIDE MEMBER ONLY INFORMATION will not be listed on website; you will receive all pertinent information at the meetings.  My contact email will be eliminated from our website as will all your contact information.  This information will be given to you at the meetings.

    1) Be Polite and Respectful to all other Members and Guests at all times.
    2) While we support all other writers’ groups and associations, please do not share any private information which includes our LESSON PLANS with persons outside of the OV-NWA membership.  You receive these lessons and material free of charge so please be respectful and trustworthy not to share it with outsiders.
    3) While on outings, conferences, charity events, fundraisers or any event outside the OV-NWA meetings, please be on your best behavior; YOU represent the OV-NWA.
    4) While we can never advise you of morals or ethics when you are not at an OV-NWA meeting or event, we can ask that you abstain from excessive drinking, profanity, violence or any unbecoming activity that would lend dishonor to the OV-NWA.

    I would like to personally welcome you to visit a Division meeting and urge you to join the OV-NWA.  I am available as much as possible and will provide professional officers to assist you as well.            

               Remember – Talkers Talk, Dreamers Dream but Writers WRITE!