• O. HENRY Irony Contest – OV-NWA WV Division.

    Did you know that September 22nd is National Hobbit Day?  Grab an edition of one these exciting masterpieces and sink your teeth right into it.  For our September Contest, please note - William Sydney Porter, known by his pen-name ‘O. Henry’ was a master at writing Irony.  There are 3 types of the genre Irony.  Verbal Irony is when someone says the opposite of what they mean; in other words – sarcasm.  Situational Irony occurs when the ending result is the opposite of what readers predicted would occur.  This is usually caused by an error or misunderstanding.  Someone organizes a party to celebrate their friends’ anniversary but got confused, so everyone shows up on the wrong day.  Dramatic Irony engages the reader or – in a play, the audience – to verbally and emotionally react.  Alfred Hitchcock, while his novels and movies were not considered Ironic, had moments of Dramatic Irony.  It occurred in The Birds when the teacher approached the door, heard the bird noises, should have known better to open the door and go in but does. Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet are Dramatic Ironies, tragic in nature.  This engages readers/viewers to shout out loud warnings like “Don’t go in there!” or “No, don’t kill yourself – Romeo is not really dead!” O. Henry is best known for his Ironic Short Stories such as The Gift of the Magi and The Cop and the Anthem. 10,000-word count (a bit flexible).  Prizes: First Prize: $100, Trophy and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers. Second Prize: $75, Trophy and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers. Third Prize: $50, Trophy and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers. No minimum or maximum for Honorable Mentions. HM Prizes: Plaque and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers.   Deadline: Post Mark must be no earlier than first day of September and no later than last day of October.  Judges Deadline: November 15.  Awards will be mailed out no later than November 20.  To enter, click on the link below to go to the entry form.  Make sure to have your story, your entry form and your $15 money order (no checks) in your envelope before mailing.

    Tips:  Read at least 3 O. Henry stories to get a feel of what we want.  
    Options:  Story can have implements of a GHOST or CHRISTIAN influence/POV.

    Judges:  3-member panel and Guest Judge: (to be determined, check back)

    O. Henry Irony Contest Entry Form