• CHRISTMAS Crime & Detective Contest – OV-NWA WV Division.

    The difference between a Mystery and a Crime & Detective story is this:  A Murder Mystery does not reveal to either the detective/protagonist or the reader/viewer who the murder is.  Their identity is a ‘mystery’ to all until much later in the story, often not until the end.  It focuses more on the clues and how the detective deduces them.  The main Point of View is of the detective.  A Crime & Detective story need not include a murder; however, if it does – it is revealed to the reader/viewer the identity of who committed the murder.  It focuses more about the chase between the law enforcement protagonist character and the bad guy antagonist. It usually reveals points of view from several of the characters and focuses more on the crime aspect and the methods the protagonist uses to track down and capture the antagonist.  Important Note:  This crime must occur during the Christmas season; paint a festive picture ruined by a murder.  For reading material - Two cousins formed the pseudonym of ‘Ellery Queen’ and wrote many short stories in their book collections; there are many to choose.  Dashiel Hammet’s Sam Spade short stories are the epitome of this genre with his short stories A Man Called Spade and They Can Only Hang You Once.  10,000-word count (a bit flexible).  Prizes: First Prize: $100, Trophy and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers. Second Prize: $75, Trophy and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers. Third Prize: $50, Trophy and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers. No minimum or maximum for Honorable Mentions. HM Prizes: Plaque and Offered Announcement in winner's local newspapers.  Deadline: Post Mark must be no earlier than first day of December, 2019 and no later than last day of January, 2020.  Judges Deadline: February 15.  Awards will be mailed out no later than February 20.  To enter, click on the link below to go to the entry form.  Make sure to have your story, your entry form and your $15 money order (no checks) in your envelope before mailing.

    Tips:  Read several of both the Ellery Queen series and the Sam Spade series to get a feel of what we want.  
    Option:  Story can have implements of a GHOST or CHRISTIAN influence/POV.

    Judges:  3-member panel and Guest Judge: (to be determined, check back)

    Christmas Crime & Detective Contest Entry Form