• About the NWA

  • Our Mission

    The National Writers Association Foundation exists to enhance the future of writers by fostering continuing education through awarding scholarships and providing no or low-cost workshops and seminars. A non-profit organization, we provide education and an ethical resource for writers at all levels of experience.

    In 2018, we celebrate 81 years in service to writers/authors.  We provide advice and information to assist beginning and seasoned writers.

    While we are headquartered in Colorado, we have chapters all across the country.

    Please check out the OV-NWA Chapter for their specific details and all the many benefits you get with your membership; also, they offer anyone to attend one division meeting as a visitor with no further obligation to join.  You are welcome to ask questions and interact with the group.

    You do receive a $5 Discount for joining through a local chapter, such as the OV-NWA.